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2018-07-20, 09:43 AM
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So, this site is incredibly old now. It was first created in 2013, and has changed quite a bit since then.

While it works fine for the most part, I hate it a lot. It's very outdated.
As a developer I've learned a lot of things since I made it. And I would not make it like this now.

So, I want to ask, would you like a more modern version of the old faithful Boiler Calculator?
This version will continue to be available, but I'd like to also provide a better, more modern version.

Please fill out this survey to help me decide!
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Railcraft Boiler Calculator
Please select a mode.
This calculator will tell you how much fuel of a certain type is needed to heat up a cold boiler to it's maximum temperature (Heatup Only), or tell you how long it will run with the given fuel (Fuel Simulation) or finally tell you how much fuel is required to keep the boiler running a set time (Time Simulation).
A few noteworthy things:
This calculator was written by Forecaster for the Minecraft mod Railcraft by CovertJaguar, based on formulas provided by the author.
The formula for calculating fuel usage can be found on the Railcraft Wiki.
Times are directly converted from ticks, this unless your server/client always run at peak tickrate (unlikely) times will vary slightly.
Fules values are kept up to date with the latest public Railcraft release. (Fuels from other mods are kept up to date as best I can.)
If you have a question, an issue or a feature suggestion (such as a specific fuel) you can post a comment and I will reply!