<< Back Railcraft Boiler Fuel Calculator Changelog
  • Add graph for heat level to fuel simulation mode [09:43AM]
  • Add new option "Display Times in Ticks". Pretty self-explanatory but I'll do it anyway. It makes any time display just output the amount of ticks instead of converting to days hours minutes and seconds. [10:44PM]
  • Fixed error messages not being localized [10:40PM]
  • Changed text color of error messages (red on red didn't work very well) [10:40PM]
  • Added Redstone Flux to Energy Production Report dropdown. [08:40AM]
  • Fixed fuel calculation used in Railcraft version 8.2 and prior. The fuel per tick value was supposed to be multiplied by the number of tanks. This will not have affected the list. [11:57PM]
  • Removed line from fuel the fuel simulation file that forced it to always use the new formula. Probably a debug line I forgot to remove. [12:25AM]
  • When replies are hidden it now only list each separate user that has made a reply once instead of once per reply made. [02:23PM]
  • Improved formatting of reply summary when replies are hidden. [02:30PM]
  • When specific comment is viewed replies are shown even when replies are off globally. [02:30PM]
  • Replies are now hidden by default. [02:33PM]
  • Added link to view replies after summary. [02:36PM]
  • Made changelog default to gray background and white text with an additional link to show it with white background and black text. [02:54PM]
  • If a comment contains a number prefixed by a number sign (#) it will now be assumed to be a reference to a comment and will be automatically converted into a link to this comment. [03:51PM]
  • Increased comment character limit from 500 to 1000 characters. [04:20PM]
  • Updated links to Railcraft Wiki to point to the new wiki. [05:20PM]
  • Fixed title of comments page not displaying. [08:00PM]
  • Fixed settings defaulting incorrectly. (Starting Heat Level, Show Heating Process etc)
  • Fixed the comment page displaying an extra emtpy page.
  • Current page is now not clickable.
  • Added the categories Rejected and Complete which use colored (red/green) variants of the suggestion icon. These will be assigned to rejected and accepted (and added) suggestions respectively.
  • Fixed panels not remaining hidden on page reload.
  • Upgraded panels to hide/unhide using javascript (ie. without having to reload the page). Will fall back to the old system if javascript is disabled.
  • Panel hiding/unhiding also uses css transitions to animate sliding in/out. This is supported in most modern updated browsers. In unsupported browsers the panels will not animate.
  • Improved email reply notification. It now includes more text beyond just the comment.
  • Removed seven day time limit on reply notifications. The notification message now asks you to contact me if you wish to stop receiving notifications.
  • Added the text "Your email address will not be displayed or otherwise publicly available to anyone." underneath the email field for transparency.
  • Renamed german & danish language files correctly. Previously germans would get the danish language and danish would get english due to the danish file being invalidly named.
  • Fixed "Fuel Per Steam Multiplier" option defaulting to 1 even if changed to something else.
  • Updated functions to new localization system. (For example the function responsible for formating the time strings could not find the localized strings for "hour", etc.)
  • Finalized implementation of the new language bar, replacing the language panel. (From now on all of my websites that support localization will use this new system, resulting in the same bar across all of them instead of a custom system for each of them.)
  • Submitting an email address was supposed to be optional, turns out it wasn't and I hadn't tested enough. The system tried to evaluate an empty string and the email check returned false, cancelling the comment submitting with the email error. This is now fixed. It will only try to evaluate the email field if it contains 6 or more characters.
  • Fixed the current fuel list ( where blaze rods, coal, coal coke and block of coal coke had the wrong (blaze rods too low, the other too high) values. Doesn't really belong in this changelog, but it's useful information (also, oops).
  • Fixed all entries in language drop-down saying "English".
  • Fixed toggled panels vanishing completely.
  • Implemented reply notification system. By entering an email address into the email field a notification will be sent when your comment is replied to for up to 7 days. After 7 days after the comment posting date no more notifications will be sent.
  • The comment page now truncates urls longer than 50 characters before displaying them underneath a comment. The whole url will be displayed when mousing over the link.
  • The comments will no longer display urls that only contain a single "/".
  • Hiding replies now displays the reply count for each base comment where the replies would normally be.
  • Displays the reply authors after the reply count when replies are hidden.
  • Forgot to switch to the new fuel function for the fuel/h calculation in Heatup Only mode. Fixed.
  • Fixed some more functions in Time Simulation mode.
  • Internals more closely resemble railcraft internals. (This means it will be easier to update if railcraft changes again.)
  • Fuel list now determine which boiler system to use! This means that even if you specify a custom fuel value you must select the right version or the results may be wrong!
  • Updated fuel usage function.
  • Updated heatup/cooldown functions.
  • Updated steam production function.
  • Added field for specifying a custom fuel value. If non-zero it overrides the fuel dropdown.
  • Moved "Fuel" menu down to group the fuel related fields together.
  • Reordered some fields for neatness.
  • Added field for changing the fuel per steam multiplier.
  • Fixed cooldown phase in Fuel Simulation waiting until temperature equalled 0 instead of 20.
  • Added minimum values for the number fields. (Custom Fuel Value (0), Fuel Amounts (0), Starting Heat Level (20), Fuel Per Steam Multiplier (0.2).
  • Changed number fields to use the "number" type instead of the "text" type. Adding the increase/decrease buttons to the fields when using a compatible browser.
  • Fixed Round fuel Usage/h option in Heatup Only mode.
  • Fixed not being able to switch modes without clearing first. Now works like it used to.
  • You can find a breakdown of the new mechanics here (written by CovertJaguar).
  • Finally actually fixed the stupid phase checkboxes in Fuel Simulation Mode. It now remembers the selected state and applies it to the simulation properly.
  • Improved the comment category system. Adding new categories and icons is now dynamic.
  • Fixed small bug in Fuel Simulation causing the run phase to not produce steam if the heatup phase was disabled via the checkbox.
  • Added new pretty switches for showing/hiding replies and hidden comments. Much better than the links that were used before.
  • Added display name property to language files.
  • Fixed heatup phase in Fuel Simulation Mode. It wasn't using any fuel because of a variable that didn't get changed in the recent overhaul.
  • Fixed Fuel Simulation Mode not receiving fuel due to an un-updated variable.
  • Really fixed phase selectors in Fuel Simulation mode.
  • The calculator just underwent a massive tune-up. You wont notice a lot except that it now works much better. The phase selectors in Fuel Simulation mode should now work properly, be selected by default and remember their state. The fuel list filter should work again. Plus lots of under-the-hood improvements.
  • Added a bit more information to error output.
  • Fixed errors being displayed before a mode had been selected and before a simulation had been run.
  • Fixed fuel list sorting. Now the latest version is placed on top and is thus selected by default. Apologies for calculations that may have been wrong as a result of this.
  • Added the ability to not display fuel lists.
  • Fixed filter not working properly in all modes.
  • Made the panels scrollable when they extend below the bottom of the screen. Before you had to collapse other panels to access the bottom of the comment panel if your screen height was limited.
  • Changed up the anti-spam measure to combat the recent reappearance of spam messages.
  • Added " - Only works for internal links." to the URL field placeholder to inform a bit more.
  • Made system verify submitted URL's to detect external links and hide them instead of displaying a broken link.
  • Changed fuel list versioning to Railcraft version instead of Minecraft version.
  • Fixed various bugs that popped up with the new changes.
  • Fixed certain values being constantly overwritten with "7".
  • Fixed comment page dynamic page turning. (Not yet visible because there aren't enough root comments).
  • Fixed comment page language directory.
  • Fixed fuel simulation results not displaying.
  • Fixed some missing localizations.
  • Enabled language system to default to english if no string could be retrieved for the key when using non-english language. Before if a lang file was not updated and a new key had been added it would print a blank string if that language didn't have that key.
  • Added key to lang files used to tell the system not to list that language in the menu. (hidden=true/false).
  • Added "Question" comment category.
  • Replaced category dropdown menu with radio buttons to display the categories better.
  • Fixed data not being inserted into the report when fuel simulation mode ran out of fuel before heating up.
  • Fixed language selection not working on comment page.
  • Implemented new localization system. You will probably not notice any changes except the new language panel to the right. Currently there is only english, but more languages are on their way. The default language is of course english, but should you change it a cookie will be created that will allow it to automatically select the same language on your next visit if the cookie is still present.
  • Added Danish language file. Still working on some kinks.
  • Fixed heatup only mode. Plus a few minor things.
  • The tabs left by hidden panels are now transparent.
  • Added link panel. For links.
  • Added email notifications. (As in, I get an email when someone posts a new comment.)
  • Energy Report is no longer avaliable in heatup only mode.
  • Fixed comment submitting.
  • Added url field to replies.
  • Fixed url's in comments on comment page.
  • There is now a 1.6.2 fuel list. You will need to select it in the fuel list panel to use it. It's nearly identical to the 1.5.2 list so far except a few missing entries (from gregtech and thaumcraft) but once nei plugins is compatible with IC2 experimental I hope to be able to complete this list.
  • Moved the comment page menu to a panel.
  • Corrected mode titles.
  • Added total fuel item count to Fuel Simulation Mode.
  • Changed the colors for unvisited and visited links. Neither are orange now.
  • Added ID's to comments, generated from the ip-address the comment was submitted from.
  • Updated the names in the mode descriptions which still said "Full Simulation Mode" and "Heatup & Run mode". Now properly says "Fuel Simulation Mode" and "Time Simulation Mode".
  • Changed the name of "Full Sim" mode to "Fuel Simulation" and "Heatup & Run" to "Time Simulation" to better reflect their functions.
  • Added url data to comments. The comment panel includes the url of the current page automatically. The comment page form has a URL field that is optional. This is to make bug reports easier to evaluate and test.
  • Field now supports urls prefixed with http://www.calculator.towerofawesome.org, http://calculator.towerofawesome.org, www.calculator.towerofawesome.org, calculator.towerofawesome.org or just the ?url=data stuff.
  • The changelog entries now have focus links. I will in the future link to the relevant changelog entry when replying to bugreports.
  • Comments containing odd symbols from non-UTF8 character sets should now display properly.
  • Updated the conversion ratio for Steam --> EU. As a commenter pointed out it's been half of what it should have been. The ratio I had before now was 3.2 mB per EU, now it's 1.6 mB per EU (That's half the steam cost per energy unit, which means more energy for less steam). It is now up to date with Railcraft.
  • Added humanity verification for submitting comments. In case you can't figure it out, the answer is "0".
  • Fixed borders around comments.
  • Toggle button on the changelog panel is now hidden while the panel is shown temporarily after an update.
  • Added descriptions for each mode, displayed when the relevant mode is selected.
  • Fixed "Back" link here on the changelog. "http://" was missing from the url, so it just added it to the current page url making it go to "calculator.towerofawesome.org/calculator.towerofawesome.org".
  • Fixed comments not linebreaking properly.
  • Fixed some issues with displaying special characters in firefox.
  • Fixed rounding error in full sim mode on the heatup-phase's "Used x heat units".
  • Fixed bug with panel hiding that caused all panes except the one just toggled to unhide.
  • Completed comment system! It is now avaliable!
  • Fixed toggling any panel messing up the input values.
  • Fixed total fuel count in Heatup & Run mode.
  • Fixed Heatup & Run mode not skipping heatup even if starting heat level is set to max.
  • Fixed not remembering the state of "Round Energy Average" and "Round Fuel Usage/h" (Heatup only).
  • The "Last updated" panel, if hidden, now appears if the changelog has been updated since the last reload. It will automatically hide itself on the next reload and will not appear again until there has been another update. If it is not hidden it will only show "NEW UPDATE!" in the panel until the next reload.
  • Finally finished the panel system.
  • Information not crucial to the calculator can now be displayed in side panels that can be toggled individually with the T button on each panel.
  • The state of each panel is stored in a single cookie.
  • Decreased transparency of result box from 50% to 20%.
  • Fixed used item/bucket count slightly. Still doesn't add up properly.
  • Okay, now it adds up, most of the time. In some situations there seems to be an extra .2 items/buckets.
  • Started moving certain boxes to side panels.
  • Added items/buckets used for each phase (After heat unit count).
  • Reduced transparency of the background from 20% to 5%.
  • Moved the customization buttons to the top of the page.
  • Added base for comment system.
  • Added number of fuel units used during heatup and run phase in Full Sim mode in addition to percentage.
  • Increased maximum fuel amount by 100x.
  • Removed redundant Fuel Amount field in favour of the Barrel Style Fuel Amount field (now renamed Fuel Amount). Regular Fuel Amount is still supported.
  • Added field error highlighting. When there is a field error such as "No fuel" or "Heat level too low" the appropriate field will be highlighted.
  • Fixed Heatup & Run mode heatup fuel percentage being way off.
  • Corrected a couple of display errors in the time formatting function (the one that converts ticks into "1 Day & 4 hours".)
  • Added warning to Heatup Only mode when showing energy report: "NOTE! This energy report is of production DURING heatup, not what will be produced after heating up! For this see Heatup & Run mode or Full Sim mode."
  • Fixed error reporting.
  • Made the energy report a little fancier.
  • Fixed trying to simulate without fuel not displaying an error.
  • Fixed "ERROR: Function received invalid data-type!" displaying when "None" energy production report is selected.
  • Fixed Heatup & Run mode always displaying an average of 0 */t.
  • Fixed fuel list state filter resetting the page to "select mode".
  • Fixed "unhideextrajunk" and "hideextrajunk" appearing in url.
  • Updated html, induced minor visual tweaks.
  • Code now slightly more modular.
  • Finally fixed up "Show Heating Process", no longer generates a massive table which makes the page horrendously long. Instead places said table in a smaller box with a scroll bar.
  • Fixed energy readout being displayed without values when "None" was selected.
  • Re enabled production reports, now available in all modes. Hopefully it's working correctly now.
  • Fixed some issues, did some streamlining, and added a rounding option for the energy production average.
  • Added calculations for how many steam turbines or steam engines would be required to reach the average power output of the appropriate energy type. Not 100% sure that these are correct quite yet.
  • Added options for changing the background between default (power plant), plain black and plain white.
  • Your background preference is stored in a cookie. If cookies are disabled in your browser this feature will not work.
  • Undid energy production report implementation due to some issues. Will fix soon.
  • Fixed it resetting the on/off status of the phases between simulations.
  • Increased the transparency of the result background. Hopefully to increase readability.
  • Changed the color to black.
  • Fixed some issues with the fuel list selection.
  • Added functionality for multiple fuel lists (for different versions of minecraft primarily, although if necessary I may separate specific fuel list versions as well).
  • Hideable elements now have a yellow border.
  • The various modes are now displayed on demand instead of all at once. This should hopefully provide a less confusing user experience.
  • Added a button near the bottom of the page to hide all extra junk on the page, such as the app poll and the link to the desktop calculator. This should provide an even less cluttered experience. Note that this option requires cookies to be enabled to work! This option may also be reset for everyone when something new is added to the website to ensure it is seen. When this happens you can just click the hide button again to hide everything again.
  • Fixed the last array name for fuel values in the "heatup & run" mode. There shouldn't be any more of those now.
  • Separated the steam production for the phases in full simulation mode. Now reports produced steam for each phase along with total. The production for the run phase turns out to be accurate. Not sure about the other phases yet.
  • Fixed the calculator not being able to read the fuel values due to a changed variable name.
  • Changed some behind the scenes stuff including a new storage method for the fuel data that will be shared between the web calculator, the desktop calculator and the app. Also makes it easier for me to add new fuels without messing it up and causing errors.
  • Added versioning for fuel list. (Version 1.0 is for 1.4.7) This is mainly for the desktop calculator and the app so they will know when they need to update the local fuel list.
  • The fuel list is now stored as a plain text file at http://ttower.dyndns.org/boilerCalculator/fuel.txt
  • Removed mini-changelog to make the page less cluttered
  • Added IC2 fuel cans as a solid fuel at 10k heat.
  • Added android app poll.
  • Fixed poll form taking over the other submit buttons causing them to redirect to the voting page.
  • Re-arranged the fields into groups. The top group apply to all modes. Other fields apply only to the mode they are grouped with.
  • Added new mode, Heatup & Run. Will run the simulation for the specified time (heatup & run phase) then report how much fuel was used.
  • The "heatupOnly" attribute (or "hO" in the url) has been replaced with "mode" ("m" in the url) and can be 0 (Run mode), 1 (Heatup + Run mode) or 2 (Heatup only mode). Previously run mode was hO=0 and heatup only mode was hO=1.
  • Removed broken code that was supposed to convert "hO" to "m" but instead made it always try to use run mode.
  • The run phase no longer runs a tick-by-tick simulation. Since the fuel usage and steam production is constant during the run phase it now calculates them in advance, then figures out the result. Thus the run phase calculation is nearly instant now, no matter what values you enter.
  • Added error message when url contains deprecated names.
  • Fixed it always displaying the above error message even when simulating from scratch.
  • Contracted variable names in URL to shorten link lengths. The new format is something like this: fuel => f, fuelAmount => fA.
  • Enabled skipping specific phases in full sim mode.
  • Increased maximum execution time for this page to 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Allows for much longer simulations. Simulations that run for more than 5 minutes will be cut short and only completed phases will be reported. Anything after the last completed phase will not be rendered.
  • Fixed starting heat level box defaulting to no value.
  • Made it set the heat level to minimum allowed temperature on error.
  • Fixed not remembering heat level when simulating resulting in an empty field.
  • Fixed displaying empty bucket favicon when on heatup only mode.
  • Enabled barrel style fuel amount for liquid fuels.
  • Applied the stack-size attribute to liquid fuels.
  • Using barrel style input to specify fuel updates plain input with total amount on simulation.
  • Finally sorted out the function that converted ticks to time. Displays the correct times now in all situations and with no extra commas in there. Previously it was displaying the "less than one second!" message somtimes when it shouldn't have.
  • Added energy production report to full simulation mode ("heatup only" off). Will display potential EU and MJ based on steam produced. (Note that the values are aproximate since the steam production calculation is currently not 100% accurate!)
  • Darkened the green background in the result window to make the text easier to read.
  • Replaced "heatup only" checkbox with selecting the mode via radio buttons, with a description for each mode.
  • Added Lignite at 200. (From Underground Biomes)
  • Added Anthracite Coal Block at 6400. (From Underground Biomes)
  • Added fuel filter (All/Solid only/Liquid only).
  • Added barrel style fuel amount input. Only works for solid fuels. And using this ignores the fuel amount in the field above.
  • Now skips heatup phase completely if at max heat when the simulation starts.
  • Fixed background not being aligned to the top. Should look better on high resolution screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the process would time out when given too much fuel due to a global timeout limit. Page will now give an error when given too much fuel (limit varies depending on the fuel potency) and will not simulate. I may add a way to perform simulations with large fuel quantities soon provided I can think of another way to limit it. (Probably a limited number of high fuel calculations per user (IP) per day.)
  • Added favicon.
  • Removed scrap and scrapboxes from fuel list. (Due to railcraft not allowing them in boilers as of 6.17)
  • Fixed typo causing the file to render a blank page.
  • Made it automatically round the fuel amount to a whole number since decimals are ignored anyway. Both periods and commas are considered decimals.
  • Changed to a more subtle background that will also fit higher resolution screens.
  • Added a shadow to the text in the result box to increase readability.
  • Added fuel/h calculation to Heatup only mode. This will tell you how much fuel the boiler will use each hour after fully heating up.
  • Fixed "Jump to Bottom" button.
  • Changed size box into dropdown menu with fixed sizes.
  • Fixed bug where size dropdown did not remember it's value whe re-simulating.
  • Some more visual adjustments.
  • Corrected the last errors in the heat calculations.
  • Created changelog.
  • Changed formatting on "out of fuel" line.
  • Added Bituminous Peat to fuel list at 4200. (From Forestry)
  • Added "Jump to bottom" link.
  • Increased fuel usage accuracy.
  • Improved fancyness.
  • Added two different modes, changeable by ticking/unticking the "Heatup only" option.
    When off it will use the fuel provided to simulate the boiler for as long as possible before running out. When done it will report how long it was running and how much steam was produced.
    When on it will ignore the amount of fuel specified and just simulate the heatup process, then calculate the amount of fuel needed and report it.
  • Initial release.